Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I need a web site?

A. This depends on your needs and objectives. Whether you’re a small business owner with a product or service to advertise and/or sell, a corporation seeking global exposure and marketing, or just an individual with something to share with the world, a web site is undoubtedly the most valuable medium for accomplishing your goals.

Q. Why should I hire a professional web designer?

A. The extra work associated with design tutorials, cheap templates, or software that enables you to “build your own web site” is unquestionably more trouble than its worth. The aesthetics, usability, functionality, manageability and search engine compatibility of a professional web site will be readily apparent and appreciated by all your web site’s visitors.

Q. What is web hosting and do you offer this?

A. Once your web site has been constructed and it is ready for public viewing, it needs a a place to live. We can provide hosting for just about any website requirement.

Q. What content do I need to provide for my web site?

A. In order to answer this question, you must first clearly define what your web site’s purpose will be. Dooley New Media will consult you on how to best create and utilize your web site content in order to optimize your online business strategy, effectively appeal to your target audience, and drive traffic to your site. Copy writing, images, and other forms of content can be provided by Dooley New Media if needed.

Q. How long does it take to build a web site?

A. The amount of time required to complete a web site is determined by the amount of content, the complexity of your site design and infrastructure, and our current client design schedule. Smaller sites can be completed in less than a week, while larger sites that incorporate E commerce, multifaceted content management, intricate graphics and animation, dynamically sourced data, and other more complicated features will typically require 4-8 weeks to develop. Contact us for a quote and projected timeline of completion.

Q. How much does a web site cost?

A. The cost of a web site is based on projected labor hours and complexity of programming and/or design. Each project is priced individually because each client’s needs are entirely unique.

Q. Do you offer any discounts on web sites?

A. Dooley New Media strongly encourages Non-Profit organizations to use the internet as a means to promote the common good. Non-Profits are widely underrepresented online, and since in many instances the lack of financing is the principal barrier, Dooley New Media offers discounts to all certified Non-Profit organizations. Take a look at the Mainely Character Scholarship site for example.

Q. I have a web site, but I can’t find it in the search engines. How can I improve my rankings?

A. In order for your web site to achieve a  position in Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engines, popular keywords and phrases must be used strategically throughout the copy and structure of your web site. This will ensure greater visibility to search engine “robots” that roam the web in search of sites that match keyword inputs. We can also support your online brand through social networks and locally targeted services like Google+, Facebook and other geographically targets services.

Q. I am a business owner that needs a web site and it will need to be updated regularly. How can I accomplish this?

A. Dooley New Media offers two options for sites that require continuous updates. We can put you on a flat rate monthly maintenance plan that is negotiable depending upon the complexity and nature of content being updated.

A. The other option is for Dooley New Media to equip you with the necessary tools to easily update your own website. Regardless of your technical ability, Dooley New Media will setup a content management system (CMS) that will allow you to autonomously update virtually any form of web site content with the utmost simplicity. You can call us anytime for guidance or consultation and we offer on-site training as well.

Q. I have an existing E Commerce site, and a fairly good search engine ranking, but I’d like to go one step further and advertise online. Can you help me?

A. Of course! If you specify your promotional budget, Dooley New Media will manage a Google Ad Words campaign that will optimize the value of your advertising dollar. For as little as 5 cents per click, your company can be advertised on Google and their extended network every time a keyword search is performed that is relevant to your product or service. You only pay when your ad is clicked on, not every time it is seen!

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