Patrick consistently demonstrates a high degree of professionalism, technical expertise, and focus on results throughout any project I have worked on with him. He is always focused on delivering the best possible solution, regardless of whether the requirements are straightforward or complex, and he communicates clearly and frequently throughout the course of a project to ensure that internal and external customers’ needs are met — on time and with quality. Patrick also has one of the strongest work ethics I have ever encountered, and his dedication to getting a job done ensures that he earns the trust and cooperation of his colleagues both within and outside his own immediate organization. During the recent relaunch of the Fairchild website, I absolutely knew that I could rely on Patrick and his team to deliver the results we were looking for, despite the typical technical and resource hurdles that can accompany such a project. He is an outstanding asset to the company, and a real pleasure to work with.

Dorothy Sloan Director of Web Content Strategy & Marketing Operations
Fairchild Semiconductor